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Words from the waking world: Peridot (aka olivine) is a green or yellow-green semi-precious stone. I had thought that the metaphysical properties ascribed to peridot included prosperity but looking it up this morning, I found:

Peridot can be used to bring results to ones search – the seeking of that which is lost in the physical world, as well as the quest for the enlightened state.

– Love Is In The Earth, Melody

I also found an interesting website that even goes as far as to tie stones to the AA 12-step program.

I am talking with a co-worker. He is explaining that he needs some help. He feels that if he had a piece of peridot he would be able to get through the things in his life that are causing him distress.

He feels that he needs a big piece of stone but I assure him that a small piece will work just as well. After all, it is the energy that counts, not the size of the stone.

I give him two small pieces of peridot. He places them in his pocket and continues working.

Later, I am kneeling on the floor straightening up boxes and papers. He rolls over on his chair and shows me a wad of stuff that he pulled from his pocket. The stones are not there. He is upset at having lost them and feels that his life will not improve unless he finds them.

Since I am on the floor, I look around and quickly find the stones. Instead of only two stones, I find three and realize that in dropping from his pocket, one of the stones broke into two pieces. I think of keeping one of the stones but hand all three of them back to him.

Later, I overhear him speaking with someone about the stones. This guy is telling my co-worker that he needs a larger piece of peridot, that it should be about the size of a softball. He holds his hand out to demonstrate the size of the stone needed.

I am amazed that neither of them has any idea of what they are proposing. Even if you could find it, a low quality piece of peridot of that size would cost a fortune. I try to explain this but they are not listening.

I decide not to force the point and allow them to think that they might actually secure a stone that large. Inside, I am glad that he still has the stones I gave him in his pocket.

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