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Dream 1: I am in the corner of a large hotel conference room behind a very large television trying to determine why it isn’t working. The television is angled in a corner of the conference room and there is little room behind it.

The door to the room opens and someone enters. I cannot see out from behind the TV and I am sure that they cannot see me.

A heavyset woman appears at the cabinet beside the TV and begins searching for something. I become suspicious and ask what she is looking for. She explains that she left her lighter here but she doesn’t know where or what color it is.

I suspect that she is stealing things but I have no proof.

Dream 2: My roommate complains about the carpets being dirty. I can see the dirt and don’t think much of it. I walk off to another room and when I return he has cut deep grooves into the main traffic areas of the carpet and has started removing the soiled carpet and replacing it. Throughout the house, the main walkways are a short-pile teal colored carpet. The rest of the carpeting is an oatmeal colored berber.

I am shocked that he would do something so odd. If he wanted new carpet, why not replace the whole thing? I shake my head and repeat over and over, “No, no, no.” I wake up saying, “No, no, no.”

Dream 3: I am sneaking up on my mother and brother shopping in a large mall. They are walking toward and escalator that will take them down to the main level, I am approaching from behind railings that overlook the lower floor. There is an elevator shaft next to the escalator and I am sure that I can remain hidden and surprise them when they are on the escalator.

The only problem is that I am carrying an oil painting that is a bright red canvas two feet by two feet. Even if they are likely to miss seeing me, they cannot miss the painting.

I continue sneaking up. My brother sees me but my mother does not. She makes it onto the escalator as I run up beside her. She is surprised and decides to sit down on the escalator on the step below where I stand. She is turned towards me and we talk as the escalator moves us downward. A woman walking past us comments about how this position looks obscene. I am appalled that people can be so crass.

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