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I am in a large meeting room at the office. The meeting has concluded and everyone is gathering their papers and laptops and preparing to leave.

It is lunchtime and I can hear others talking about going out to lunch. I know that I will not be invited and have no regrets about eating alone.

As I gather my things, I see a flat panel monitor embedded in the table top in front of one of my colleagues. On the display, we can see that there is highly-specialized technical work being done. I am amazed at the level of programming that is being accomplished.

The monitor is facing me and I can see that a userid and password are required with every command. This seems excessive and I comment on it.

The guy sitting across from me explains that this is the latest form of “cube” programming.

A crowd has gathered and is watching this demonstration. Although we have no idea what function these programs serve, we are all impressed with this level of programming.

Since I can see only the monitor, I am curious as to who is actually doing the programming that we are seeing. “I am,” replies the guy sitting across from me as he touches an icon on the screen. Now, I am really impressed. At no time while watching this demonstration did I see him interact with the program – there were no visible input devices like a keyboard or mouse – yet he had been controlling the programs that we had seen.

This is the most impressive advancement in computer technology that I have seen in the past 15 years.

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