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I am on the first of two vacations with my parents. We are seated in an open-air restaurant near the beach on a sunny day. Everything resembles Sitges (in Spain) but I know that this is in the US.

My mother is wearing oddly shaped glasses that might have been something that Elton John might have worn back in his big glasses days. The lens over her left eye is shaped like a capital “D”. It is tall and covers the cheek from the bottom of her nose up to mid-forehead. For all of its height, it is narrow and only covers half of the width of her eye. The right lens is a rectangle that is as tall as the left but is so wide that it almost touches her ear. Unlike most glasses which are flat (or slightly rounded) across the bridge of the nose, these are folded at a ninety degree angle at the bridge. They look horribly uncomfortable. Why would she buy such impractical glasses?

I say nothing about the glasses and begin making small talk. My parents mention that they will not be going on our second vacation as planned. They offer no explanation and abruptly get up and leave on some sight-seeing excursion.

Left by myself I begin wandering around the town. I am uncertain about going on the next vacation by myself but feel that since I have already planned and paid for it that I should go.

I find myself in an odd alley that runs uphill behind restaurants and shops. It is messy back here but not dirty. The sun is still shining and I can see my parents enjoying their tour several miles away.

I am not lost but the places I am passing are unfamiliar. I have no destination so I don’t feel as if I am missing anything. I have no schedule so I don’t feel any sense of urgency. In spite of these things, I have the feeling that I am not where I should be.

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