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I am in a large field of short grass. I own several acres and am pleased with the land. My car is parked along the dirt trail that cuts between the adjacent properties.

I walk around surveying the property (seeing my acreage and the miles of surrounding fields both from the ground and from overhead) and start making my way back to the car when I notice that it is no longer there.

Unalarmed by the missing vehicle, I walk back to my office (which is now nearby).

In the office, I explain to a co-worker that my car is missing. I explain where I parked it and can visualize where it was before it disappeared. He offers to help me find it and begins leading me through the office (which is now a large factory).

We wind our way down corridors, up stairs, past large machines and through offices with olive colored metal tables and filing cabinets before reaching a doorway that opens into a dark wood-paneled stairway that leads up to a bar.

I followed quietly as we made our way through the office even though I felt that it would have been quicker to just use the doorway I used to enter the building. The areas we passed getting to this point were unfamiliar but I had been on this stairway before.

Knowing that there would be a neat little bar at the top of the stairs, I took the lead.

The bar had not changed since the last time I had been here.

Words from the waking world: even in the dream, I knew that I was dreaming and I knew that I had dreamed about this bar in the past. I also had a strong sense of dream-ja-vu (knowing that I had dreamed this same dream before and that I knew what was going to happen).

As I exited the stairwell into the bar, a waiter passed and welcomed us (as had happened in prior dreams). I looked around at the leather upholstery in the booths, the dark wood paneling and the small windows that overlooked the city street below and I was amazed that I had found my way back into an old dream.

I still wanted to find my car but it seemed less important now that I was somewhere familiar. It felt like coming home.

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