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Words from the waking world: All remembered dreams contained a soundtrack by Queen’s Freddy Mercury. Most of the music was solo piano with low-volume, barely-sung, almost-spoken vocals. In a few sequences I could see him playing and was impressed by his talent. During one dream he started playing a solo version of “We Are The Champions” that had me in awe – this man seemed to be a genius.

Dream 1:
I fell asleep with one hand on my partner. When that connection was broken, lights went out and things got quiet in my dream. It was as if some electrical connection had been broken and data that had been flowing between us had suddenly stopped.

Dream 2:
I am in a public restroom changing into a bathing suit. My shirt and shoes are off and I am trying to remove my shorts. The harder I try, the tighter they get. I am struggling to peel them down, starting from the waistband, but as I do, they cinch a little tighter.

With a final push, I get them over my hips and roll them off of me. Looking at the bathing suit that I want to put on, I realize that it is small and will be difficult to get on.

A man enters the room and I, unashamedly, ask him to help me.

Instead of helping, he wraps his hands around my throat and begins to choke me. I am thinking that asking him to help was probably a bad idea but I am not afraid… until…

… his face, inches from mine, begins to change. His eyes begin to shrink in their sockets. The sight of his tiny eyes in those large sockets unnerves me. Even though he is still choking me, I am not afraid of him killing me. I am afraid of the look of his eyes and I use my thumbs to cover his sockets so that I don’t have to see them.

Words from the waking world: throughout my life, eyes in dreams have always been a portent of death. When I see disembodied eyes, I can be sure that someone will die. The eyes in this dream were still in the sockets but were shrunken. I don’t know what that means…

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