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Sunday, 8/1/10 – Ration

“You don’t look happy.”

“I’m not.”

“Anything I can do?”

“Lend me some of your happiness.”

“Sorry, I have plans for all of my happiness.”

“I’m not in your plans?”

“You were but I am not hanging around if you can’t be happy. It’s easier to find someone who can.”

“Well, that’s really selfish.”

“I’m selfish? Where were you when you were happy? You didn’t come around or invite me out to enjoy those times. Now that you’re down, you come around here hoping for some of my happiness. You might want to think about who is being selfish.”

They look at one another: only one of them smiling.

“Don’t look at me like that. It’s not my fault. You do this all the time and if I wasn’t so happy I would be upset with you.”

“So, you’re not going to help me out?”

“No, I’m not. Besides, I really have to get going, a bunch of us are headed out for some fun tonight… I would ask you to come but you wouldn’t have a good time.”

“Yeah, thanks anyway.”

“Hey, it’s not my fault. The government gives us each the same amount of happiness each month. You really should learn to ration.”

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