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Tuesday, 01/01/13 – Three Bags


This blog is my gift – to you, to others, to myself. My resolution for 2013 is to begin blogging reguarly again. I will not set the same goal of one new entry every day in 2013 as that would be unrealistic. Instead, I will post no less than once a week. Welcome back.

I possess three bags. Each contains things that are wonderful and unique. All are gifts that I freely give.

The first bag is filled to overflowing with those things that I give to you now and in the future. You know some of these gifts as I have given them to you in the past. Some are new and are waiting until a time when they are needed. Others are being created, they are unknown to us at this time and will not be fully realized until I have grown enough to be able to give them and you have grown enough to be able to accept them.

Your bag will never be empty. When one gift is taken from the bag, another takes its place, waiting only for the proper moment to be given.

The second bag is filled to overflowing with those things that I give to others now and in the future. Some of these gifts are for family, some for friends, others are for total strangers. When you look at this bag, do not compare it to the size of the bag that contains your gifts. Your perspective can deceive you into believing that one bag is larger than the other.

Size does not matter. There is nothing you could ever need that is not in your bag. There is nothing in the other bag that you would ever want.

Please don’t ever find fault with my giving nature, it is who I am.

If you ever become impatient and open these bags looking for something that you think you need, you will find them empty. These bags don’t work like other bags. Their contents are mine until I give them to you. I never have reason to withhold a gift, but the only way I can choose the correct gift is through honest communication.

Tell me your needs, they will be met. They always have in the past and there is nothing that would prevent that in the future.
The third bag is mine. It contains those gifts that I give to myself. It is small and mostly empty. I don’t require much to be happy, but, like everyone, there are things that I need that I cannot get elsewhere.

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