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Sunday, 6/30/13 – Who I Am

Who am I?

The answer
         another question:

How would I know?

I can tell you
                 or differences

A system of
                and measures

Give reasons to raise
        a brow
            to point
                    an exclamation


       maybe there
                but not here
                       not where
                               I am
                                      or who.

         A question
                of being
                       asked whether nobler
                             but judged
                                     to be
                                             or not.

Digging deep
       layer under layer
              lost in a labyrinth
                    conjuring causes
                                  then reciting reasons

For me
         being me.

Whoever I am.
         Whomever I be.

Does it matter
        how my lips move
                the sounds they form?

Do the words
        define the man
              the me?

Is eyesight
        an insight
                to what’s inside?

Look if you like
        I’ve nothing to hide
               The who I am

Is undefined.



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