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Waking Words (5/15/10)

I prefer to write in the morning
with words waking
starting their day and making
plans to arrange
patterns familiar
and strange.

I prefer to see
rising to greet
the sun.

I like that more
that watching metaphors
close their doors
when the day is done.

If you’ve ever seen
the letter “e”
rise and stretch itself
into the letter “l”
then you know what I mean.

It sure beats
watching the letter “t”
fold its arms around its knees
till it becomes the letter “b”
hangs it head and goes to sleep.

I much prefer words freshly bathed
with cowlicks combed and all arranged
over couplets that have been out all day
surely being misbehaved
then coming in at one or two
and doing what all couplets do.

So give me words in morning time
over easy or scrambled both are fine
I prefer these to an unsteady rhyme
wobbling home drunk on wine.

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