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Babies (7/8/10)

Hey, Judy, this is Trish. Where are you? Can you talk?

No, nothing’s the matter. Unless you consider Jack throwing a tantrum in the store something.

Don’t laugh, it was bad. I have never seen him like this before. I was so embarrassed.

Oh, you know. First it was a question, “Can I have this?” Then it was a statement, “I want this.” Each time I told him, “No” and each time he got a little louder and a little more agitated. I tried telling him that we could discuss it at home but he just dug in his heels and started raising his voice. He tried rationalizing and telling me how he needed it. When I asked about the one he already had he just complained that this one was better and if I didn’t like it then he would buy it himself with his own money. His own money, how cute. When do they grow out of this?

Never?! Come on, your Jack is always good, he doesn’t misbehave like this.

Really? How do you deal with it? I just wanted to smack him right there but you know what they say, “Praise in public, reprimand in private.”

No, of course I didn’t punish him – he’s upstairs napping right now.

You bet I did! I wanted out of that store so I told him if he was a very good boy I would take him home and we could spend the entire afternoon in bed. He was asleep within ten minutes.

Men, they’re such babies.

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