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The Look of Love (8/2/10)

Have you ever wondered what love looks like?

Yup, it looks like a red plastic canning funnel.

But not always.

Sometimes, love looks like dishes that are washed and dried (by the same person who cooked).

Sometimes, love looks like a bag of chocolates or coffee beans (when there were no more in the house).

Sometimes, love is invisible and can only be detected in its silence, support and understanding (when they are needed but not asked for).

You see, love doesn’t always have to shine like gold and diamonds to be real (or valuable).

When someone cares enough about you to give you a funnel (or coffee, or chocolate, or support), no amount of precious metal or sparkling gemstones will ever hold more meaning.

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  1. If I voiced all my feelings and thoughts
    About your crisp choice of words,
    That couplet cracker that breaks off in my mouth
    Spilling sumptuous crumbs that I wanted to savor,
    The crumbs that I must pick up

    Off the floor
    Off my clothes
    Off my computer
    So as not to miss a morsel
    Of your delicious word meal.

    If I voiced all my feelings and thoughts
    About the ice cream images you leave in my in box
    For me to devour with my animal appetite
    That is always left hungry for more
    Though I have no time for this pretty picnic.

    If I voiced all those feelings and thoughts
    Of the way your mind speaks cookies and milk
    To my salivating shrunken spirit stomach,
    You would hear all my admiration and praise
    For now and forever.

    But I have been silent.
    Not for lack of awe or because I have no words.
    Sometimes accolades come all at once
    Flooding over the cliff like a waterfall next to our picnic
    Under which I hope you get willingly wet.

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